He Dresses Women

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress;
Dress impeccably and they remember the Woman.


Welcome to the START PAGE for He Dresses Women! I’m happy and grateful that you are here!  There is another quote from Ms. Chanel that is as true today as when she first spoke the words decades ago:

Fashion passes, Style remains.


These two quotes pretty much describe my philosophy about dressing women…men too.  The fashion that we see in magazine editorials and on the runways around the globe are inspiring and wonderful to experience, but a lot of it does not fit into the lives of most people.  Let’s remember Coco Chanel’s quote that fashion passes, style remains.  Be cautious of fashion trends, just because a fashion look is “in” does not mean you should buy it or wear it.

My style philosophy is defined in the photos on this blog.  You will see that I lean toward classic, tailored pieces of clothing that are timeless in nature.  In the photo above, Melissa Renee’s jacket is a perfect example.  The short black jacket is from Ann Taylor’s Fall 2011 collection.  It is as relevant today as it was then.  Five years from now, it will  still hold it’s appeal because of the sleek tailoring of this easy black jacket.

Going back to Melissa Renee’s look above, the photo also shows the effortlessness of a mono-chromatic color story – impeccable Black & White.  The black jacket over Trina Turk’s Fall 2010 print dress makes the accessory choices obvious to me.  By choosing a black boot, a black bag, and a black scarf – the level of sophistication is elevated.  To complete the look, I chose gold jewelry.  However, silver jewelry or pearls could also be chic here.

You can probably go into your closet right now and put this look together with clothing you already own.  Looking current and updated has more to do with how you select and style your clothes than the actual clothes.  It’s how you put the look together.  And that’s what He Dresses is all about.

KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Uncluttered.  Uncomplicated.

Many thanks,

Model: Melissa Renee, Age 44, Hairstylist
Hair and Make-up by: Ariel Haymond
Photos by: Beau Bumpas Photography