In here, life is beautiful.

It’s taken a lifetime for me to discover that in here, in my soul, life is beautiful.  On this incredible journey, I found peace. And as I experience more peace within, there is more peace all around me.

He Dresses is about creating more peace, harmony, and balance in your daily life.

Many people feel confused, frustrated and hopeless just thinking about getting dressed. Words like closet, shopping and style evoke feelings of panic and terror.  The intention of He Dresses is to take something that is hard for a lot of people and to make it easy…Getting dressed!

My name is Kurt Michael Haymond and I am the creator and writer here at He Dresses.  I am 49 years old and the father of three children who are in their twenties.  I have a loving partner and 2 dogs. I have worked in the fashion industry dressing people, mannequins, windows, and stores for the last 30 years.  In my early thirties, I had the tremendous opportunity to work for Calvin Klein, who shaped my destiny as a personal stylist.  It was there I learned how to assemble an essential core wardrobe, the power of monochromatic dressing, and the importance of quality and fit. To my surprise, my clients began asking me to help them organize their closets.  Many of my clients wanted an objective, yet educated opinion about which clothes should stay and which ones should go.  Over the years, the closet experience evolved into providing more personalized consultation for my clients on how to put their best looks together for daily life, what to wear for important work functions, shopping for special events, and even complete wardrobe planning.

The men and women I’ve worked with over the past 20 years are the  inspiration for this site. Their stories, their friendship, and their gratitude have helped me understand the value of my talents and my gifts. Now, through He Dresses, I get to give away my experience, strength, and hope for free.

He dresses will feature informative articles and photography of “models” who are mostly in their 40’s and up. Because this is a style site and not a fashion site, our models are real people wearing clothing from their own closets. Sometimes, we add new pieces to bring the entire look into the present moment.  The articles written and shared here at He Dresses are meant to create happiness, inspire you, and help you get dressed with a sense of peace and comfort.

Many thanks,