How to Wear Brown

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
– Theodore Roosevelt

Jason is wearing a heavy gauge cable knit sweater I bought in Paris, France in 2004 – glad I held onto it!  The burgundy shirt is by Theory.  The distressed leather jacket is Banana Republic.   Jason is wearing the Levi denims he wore to the shoot.  The boots are Italian lace ups.

Almost everything Jason is wearing is from my closet.  I don’t consider myself a pack rat at all.    On the contrary, I clean out and edit my clothes continuously.  However, I do keep great items that look classic and current.  I bought the leather jacket at Banana Republic years ago and every single time I wear it, people complement the jacket.  The years of wear have actually made it look better.

Jason Ross was a pleasure to work with on this shoot.  He loved the zip front sweater so much that I gave it to him.  Truth be told, it wasn’t as tight in 2004!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

Model: Jason Ross
Photographer: Beau Bumpas Photography
MUA: Ariel Haymond
Stylist: Kurt Michael Haymond

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