How to Wear Brown

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
– Theodore Roosevelt

Jason is wearing a heavy gauge cable knit sweater I bought in Paris, France in 2004 – glad I held onto it!  The burgundy shirt is by Theory.  The distressed leather jacket is Banana Republic.   Jason is wearing the Levi denims he wore to the shoot.  The boots are Italian lace ups.

Almost everything Jason is wearing is from my closet.  I don’t consider myself a pack rat at all.    On the contrary, I clean out and edit my clothes continuously.  However, I do keep great items that look classic and current.  I bought the leather jacket at Banana Republic years ago and every single time I wear it, people complement the jacket.  The years of wear have actually made it look better.

Jason Ross was a pleasure to work with on this shoot.  He loved the zip front sweater so much that I gave it to him.  Truth be told, it wasn’t as tight in 2004!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

Model: Jason Ross
Photographer: Beau Bumpas Photography
MUA: Ariel Haymond
Stylist: Kurt Michael Haymond

Do you have Chocolate hidden in your Closet?


Chocolate Brown clothing…not food!  Although both make me feel happy because chocolate is easy to love.  It’s a rich, sophisticated color.  Always luxurious, even when worn casually.  Valerie captures the simple luxury of chocolate brown in these photos.

When I thought about doing this story for He Dresses Daily, my friend Valerie instantly came into mind.  Val has beautiful brown eyes and I knew she would be the perfect model for this color story.  Getting her to agree to a photo shoot was easy, getting her to agree to let me into her closet was not as easy.  She said, “I hate for you to see my closet right now, but I do want to help you!”   I’ve worked with her  in her closet before and I knew we could find several looks for this Chocolate story right in her closet.

Everything in the photos above was already in Valerie’s closet.  Once more… All clothing and accessories Val is wearing were already in her closet!

Faux fur vest: Michael by Michael Kors
Bag: Tory Burch
Sweater: Banana Republic
Boots: Donald Pliner

One of my favorite challenges is putting a “Designer Collection Look” together with clothing already in the closet.  For myself, for anyone who asks for help, and especially for these photo shoots.  Do you have similar pieces in your closet to put this look together?  Maybe you have everything except the vest.  If you do, then all you need is one piece to complete this outfit for yourself.

Valerie and I met fourteen years ago.  Her friendship and love is precious to me.  Watching Valerie become the woman she is today – loving daughter, mother, wife, entrepreneur – has been a beautiful experience.  Today, Valerie is a Life & Empowerment Coach, check out her site

Photographer: Beau Bumpas Photography
Stylist: Kurt Michael Haymond
MUA: Ariel Rae Haymond

He Dresses Men

Good clothes open all doors.
– Thomas Fuller

Kurt in 1996 wearing Calvin Klein Collection

Kurt in 2002 wearing Calvin Klein Collection, photo by Les Hall

Kurt in 2014 wearing jacket by What Goes Around Comes Around NYC, shirt by Hugo Boss, tie by Etro, photo by Beau Bumpas

Before 1996 I thought I knew a lot about fashion and I believed I had great personal style. Then I started working for Calvin Klein.  About a minute after I got hired, I felt like a country bumpkin. In my first days there, I let go of everything I thought I knew about dressing well.  My boss Barbara summed it up for me in one statement. “Calvin Klein does not care about your opinion, Kurt, he wants you to learn about his.”  Best career advice I ever received.

Here’s where my style transformation began.  Calvin Klein provided my entire wardrobe – Italian made suits, shirts, ties, shoes, belts, and yes, even underwear.  What I came to understand quickly was dressing impeccably everyday was really simple if you had the right wardrobe.  It was beyond effortless, it was almost thoughtless. A  black suit with a white shirt or a black shirt?  Black shoes and belt, done!  I changed.  My confidence grew and I matured a little.  I evolved into a version of myself that felt good, true, and authentic.

Good clothes really do open all doors. The Calvin Klein experience shaped me, my career, and opened doors for me.  The education and training I received impacts every encounter I have with my clients today.  I’m not here to convince you or to persuade you in any way, but to show my point of view.  The purpose of my work today is to share what I’ve been given, and to demonstrate what I’ve been taught.

My point of view about dressing:

  • Build a core wardrobe to make your life easier.
  • Choose masculine, classic clothing that fits well and is made well.
  • Dress in monochromatic color stories of black, grey, and navy to get started.
  • Keep it simple, uncluttered and uncomplicated.
  • Use the images on He Dresses as a guide.
  • Relax, getting dressed is easy with a little help.

Take what you like from He Dresses and leave the rest.  I’m glad you’re here!